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Elderly Companionship Services.

A cup of tea and a chat

Sometimes that is all it takes, a friendly smile and a chat with one of the Elty Team, to look forward to the day.

Getting out and about

A trip into town or a visit to the garden centre can be just the thing to keep someone happy and independent.


One of the Team can make sure that the house is clean and tidy and that standards are maintained.

Getting ready for the day

Elty Team members are patient and considerate -happy to help someone get up, dressed and breakfasted, ready for the day.

Meals Cooked

How about a homemade shepherds pie? A casserole for the freezer or tea & toast for breakfast? Our Team can cook delicious meals.

Dog Walking

If you can’t get out to walk the dog, let us find the right person who will be happy to take them for you either as a one off or on a regular basis..


Don’t worry about getting to the hospital or the doctors, your local Elty Team member can give you a lift or walk there with you.

When things get too much

If things are becoming too much for you, one of our patient Team can help & notify a loved one to ensure you remain safe and sound.

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Vetted | Insured | Local | Friendly