Welcome to Elty

Hundreds of people with over 30 years experience on your doorstep, ready to help you.

It is the people we find for you who do all the hard work whilst our office make sure they are a perfect match for your needs.

We began in 2013 as Local Treasures – a one stop shop to get a multitude of jobs done around the home. We started with a handful of Team members all over 50, many who are still with us today – Trevor, Fiona, Judy & Andy – but over time we have built our team into hundreds.  In 2018 after research with our customers and ‘Treasures’ we discovered that our trading name was hard to remember. We felt a single word or short hand such as “L.T.” instead of Local Treasures would be a more memorable, modern approach.  ELTY was therefore born as the phonetic word for ‘L.T’.


What drives us

We listen to what you need so we can match the right Team member and do great work.


We are open and honest in our dealings with our Team and customers, so we can build long and beneficial relationships. We love the fact the people we find for you are brilliant at what they do. We value their skills and experience and continue to build a community across the UK.


We think the world does not value experience enough. We are champions of people who are multi talented, highly skilled and experienced in years and in life and who surprise us every day with their ability and willingness to help.


Tell Elty what you need doing. We act as an introducer to find you the perfect local Team member for your job. Your Team member visits and does the job (sometimes there is an estimate to be done or an appointment to be made). You pay us and we pay the Team member.  

2013 – Our personal need of local experienced trusted trades people becomes a business idea.

2015 – Over 100 Team members and hundreds of customers in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

2017 – Over 600 registered Team members and 1000 customers.

2018 Local Treasures changes to ELTY. Same values, same people but growing, growing, growing…

We’re always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great!

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